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Excess Buyback

However careful you are, there will be times when you will have to claim against your insurance policy.  Our Excess Buy Back Insurance, designed to pay you back your policy excess after the settlement of a claim. A valid excess buy back claim arises when you make a claim under the primary insurance policy so the original claim needs to be agreed on and settled for the buyback cover to be in place. This is different to an excess waiver which buys your excess down to a specified amount, an excess buyback pays back your excess after the claim. If your claim falls within excess there is no cover. We have two excess buyback options:

Basic Buyback

This option allows you to buy back your basic excess with an inner excess of R 1000 (This is the first amount payable by the client at claim stage)

Full Buyback

This option allows you to buy back your basic excess and any additional excesses that may apply, an inner excess of R 1000 applies. As an added benefit, this buyback product will still pay out if the claim falls within excess and an inner excess of R1000 will apply.

Car Hire

Most insurance policies only give you your car hire once the claim is paid, our car hire options give you the option to take out additional cover to get you car hire immediately once you have had an accident and covers you for 15 days, giving you peace of mind knowing that you have a vehicle while your claim is being assessed.

Car hire gap cover

Stand alone Car hire cover

In the event of Loss or damage to your vehicle we will give Car Hire for a period of 30 days while you are sorting out the repairs or replacement of the vehicle and we have different options available to you.

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